A die-hard City Girl reconnects to the natural world… in the city.


I Forevermore Dub Thee…

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the expansion of this blog and all the things I wanted to do with it and how there are a great many of you out there who are interested in the things I have to share with you. Well, I have this habit of nicknaming people, people who are important to me and guess what! I have thought of a nickname for YOU my dear readers! I mean, after all “Readers” is drab and dull and BORING and there are a lot of things I don’t mind being called but BORING is not one of them.

So without further ado, let the ceremony begin!

Please drop to one knee, bow your head and place your hand over your heart

I, City Girl Slowdier, Knight of the Realm of all that is Natural and Non-Toxic, hereby dub thee, My Faithful Reader, a SLOWVOLUTIONARY! You may now rise and take your place among the ranks of Fighters, Believers and other Knights who are preparing to take up arms and Battle Evil for the sake of their own Greater Good!!!

So, how do you like your new name? Sound off below! I love feedback!



Looking Ahead Toward a New Future

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written a post on here and there are several reasons: time, energy, overwhelming life changes. But it’s time I got back to sharing the growth I’ve experienced and all the wonderful things I’ve been learning with you all. I’ve been getting several requests and it’s the least I can do to help people who are choosing to walk with me (and countless others) down this path.

What’s new? Well, I think it’s inevitable that as you begin to go down the aforementioned rabbit hole and learn all about your food and where it comes from, it begins to impact nearly every other aspect of your life.  It’s a kind of strange evolution that I can only document like this: Going Natural/Organic-> Going Chemical Free ->Reducing Waste->Total Treehugger Mode. It also doesn’t hurt to get laid off from work and realize that you have to seriously contemplate just how much money you give or throw away in the form of waste: energy waste (leave the lights on much? We do!), food waste (just how much stuff do you throw away on trash day? For us it’s TOO MUCH!) and buying things you simply just don’t need but are convinced you do by the clever advertising.

I have learned a great many things and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is how much knowledge is being sucked away by consumerism. If the world as we know it ended tomorrow and we could no longer go and get what we needed from the grocery store, how would you survive? We like to think it’s a far-fetched question but if this economy or the sheer number of strange (or not so strange) natural disasters have shown us anything recently, it’s shown us how fragile this cushy life we live really is.

So what have I been up to and what can you expect from future posts on the Slowvolution? Well, if the video above is any indication I’m moving my family toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle. I’m not going into too much detail right now but suffice it to say that we will be making the transition in 2012 to a life of as little waste as possible. With that comes a lot of other byproducts- reducing consumption, reducing expenses, going chemical-free by making our own household products, repurposing old and worn items and learning about things my grandmother and great-grandmother knew how to do or had neighbors that could do it: Soap and lotion making, making household cleaners (which we’ve been using for about 6 months in our home already), old school toiletries etc. I will also be varying the blogs with Vlogs on how to make the things I’m learning how to make and demonstrations of changes we’ve made around the home.

Like our new toothpowder for instance! 🙂

So stay tuned folks. 2012 is going to be quite interesting in our household! Hope you’re ready!

City Girl Farmer

Sorry for leaving you in the lurch for a while! I promise to do better!

So I’m still over the moon about joining my CSA. I won’t receive my first box until mid-February though so once I do, I will let you know how it is! I’ll even upload a picture for you. Smile! 🙂

I went into the grocery store for the first time in a month the other day and I was instantly overwhelmed. All I wanted was honey. Why couldn’t I simply find the honey? I’ve never liked grocery stores. They’re too big and confusing. That experience just made me appreciate my efforts even more and think of new ways to expand on those efforts.

Up next. A garden. And not just any garden but the beginnings of an all out miniature farm. I’m both nervous and excited about it. Doing a garden the right way is a lot of work if you want it to be productive. I’m still researching a great many things like soil, compost and planting conditions. But I’ve decided on what I’m going to plant: carrots, broccoli, onions, snap peas, chard, collards, arugula, spinach, okra, and some herbs.

I’ve done herb gardens in the past because buying cooking herbs is expensive and it was nice to have them on hand always when I was making dishes. But to do vegetables and greens is going to be a challenge. But if all goes according to plan then my garden will compliment my CSA box and I won’t have to buy salad greens ever again! And it will be interesting to see what experimental recipes come out of both.  

This is a great start to truly unplugging and not seeing the inside of a grocery store again but I know that there will still be items I’ll have to go get. In the meantime, are you able to begin a garden of your own? Seattle Tilth has been a great starting resource for me in figuring out what to do to be more organic at home. Do some research and see if there is a local resource in your area to get you started. At the very least, your local home improvement store is a great start as well. Do you remember that thing called a newspaper? They have gardening sections that provide a great deal of information. Container gardens, greenhouse gardens, or digging up the backyard, it IS POSSIBLE. The only question is, how?

More to come on this topic as I build on it! Until then, healthy eating!