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I Chose the Red Pill

I was once Leo. In November 2010, I also took the red pill (I watched Food, Inc.). In doing so I uncovered much more than I bargained for as I learned about today’s food and where it comes from. I’m still learning a great deal about it. Alice fell down the rabbit hole. I jumped and I’m still falling. This blog is essentially me taking you along for the ride.

Here, you will learn what I am learning. If you’re not prepared for that, you won’t follow me. And I’m perfectly okay with that. But everyone knows knowledge is power and the sharing of knowledge is a kindness unlike any other. I believe in the Golden Rule- you know, “Do unto others…” and all that. I wish someone had pulled me aside sooner and taught me the things I’ll be sharing with you. Though I am against shoving ideology down people’s throats, I do think that if someone expresses interest in a topic you are knowledgable in, you should share your knowledge. So here I am.

Why should you listen to me? Well, to be honest I don’t think I’m that interesting. I’ll let others be the judge of that. But I am a die-hard and dedicated City Girl. Born and raised in Chicago, I’ve also lived in Atlanta and now currently reside in the smallest town I ever want to live in- Seattle. Any smaller than this and I’ll start getting hives. Sure, I love venturing out to the country every now and then but I equally love watching the skyline rise above me and the concrete embrace me as I head back home.

For me, The Country is a place you VISIT. Whenever we go to Whidbey Island, I have no doubt I stand out- that I reek of the Big, Bad City. I “ew” at everything, pick up leaves with my thumb and forefinger and my pinky up. I refuse to camp unless I know there’s a comfy bed, heat, running water and a functioning toilet. In other words, I’m all about the modern conveniences. Add that I’m a working woman and a wife and the mother of a growing 11 year-old Diva and you start to see how enjoying modern conveniences can also encompass food.

But let me make sure you all understand how much food means to me. This may explain why I’m so upset and angry about the things I’ve learned. I ADORE FOOD. It is one of my three major vices (which used to be four until I quit smoking)- Food, Sex and Alcohol, in that order. Yes, you read that right. Food is ranked higher than sex, that is just how serious it is for me.

Eating is such a sensual and personal experience, one you can easily associate with memories and moments in time. Collard greens and corn bread remind me of watching my grandmother cook in the kitchen, the way she’d make the cornbread as little round patties just for me because that was how I liked them. Thanksgiving Dinner is so much a ritual in my home that to eat anything other than the main staples is almost sacreligious. I still remember the best swordfish steak I ever had in my life and every moment of the dinner I spent eating it… 17 years ago.

But I took the red pill. And the road I now tread is full of some of the most frightening demons I’ve ever encountered in my life. Bottom line, learning where your beloved Velveeta comes from and how it’s made is scary. But since the 1st of January I have embarked on completely altering what kind of food enters our home and our bodies. No more heavily processed food, no more buying from the major grocery stores- ESPECIALLY our meat and dairy. I have a growing, pre-pubescent daughter. I want the hormones in her body to be of her OWN making, the medication to be what I knowingly gave her. Hell, I just want the meat I feed her to really be meat!

So take my hand and traverse this dark and dangerous path with me- if you dare. Take note it’s not for the faint of heart. No more excuses.  Just because I am a city girl, doesn’t mean I have to be a TOTAL slave to the system. As far as my food is concerned, I took the red pill. I have unplugged from the Food Matrix.

It’s time for you to stop being Leo, too.