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Questions and Answers

So I’m getting lots of questions from people and since I’m still not ready to give you the cost analysis (how do you expect me to keep you coming back? Be interesting? HA!) then I will answer some questions.

Q: Are you becoming a vegetarian/vegan?

A: If you haven’t figured that out by now, the answer is a resounding HECK NO. I LOVE meat, beef especially, and I do not ever anticipate that it’s something I’ll give up. I am, however, eating LESS meat. And I’m making sure the meat I eat is NATURAL. But no, I will not be a vegetarian/vegan.

Q: When you said in your post “make your own condiments” did you really mean “make your own condiments”?

A: Yes, I did. How else do you truly know what’s going in them? This is not easy to do in the beginning unless you get access to recipes for them. For example, I now make my own vinaigrette. I didn’t have a recipe but I had apples and apple cider vinegar so I made an apple vinaigrette. It is delicious. I’m moving into more adventures of learning how to make more dressings and things. But if you pay attention to the ingredients in your condiments, you should be good.

Q: Does it take you longer to make your food since you’re only using all natural ingredients?

A: Yes and no. I’m no longer buying a boxed lasagna to just toss in the oven. I’d make my own. So that would take longer. I buy the blocked cheese now so if I want slices or shreds I have to do it myself. Otherwise I don’t see a significant increase in the amount of time it takes to cook. (Desserts would be the exception.) I make my salads and salad dressing WHILE something is cooking. I have to stand there and monitor it anyway so why not. But I’ll tell you why cooking has now become so much fun and is no longer a chore in the benefits post. WINK!

Q: How is your daughter handling all of this?

A: The other day, The Diva got a hold of a McDonald’s french fry from my parents (who are “old dogs” and thus having a hard time learning “new tricks”) and she looked at me said “You know, I’m good. I like what we’re eating now. It tastes better”. So I’d say she’s doing just fine. Veggies are still a bit of an issue but I’m working on getting more vegetarian recipes to vary the routine up. But she’s loving the meat so much that she eats the veggies as a sort of appreciation for the meat. Strange but so far that’s how she’s approaching it.

Q: What is a Slowvolution?

A: It’s a very cute take on the Slow Food idea (thanks to one of my fave people!). I’m undergoing a revolution toward a Slow Food lifestyle (the kinda dull but informative video above should explain more for you). I don’t embrace ALL the ideology (I’m still a City Girl after all and I don’t have time for all this!) but I do believe in returning to our roots, back to the basics as far as our food is concerned. So maybe we’re not eating at the dinner table but we are returning to a slower eating lifestyle. I do believe in what Slow Food feels about localized and seasonal farming and eating and food freedom for all.

Q: Did you really visit a farm?

A: Yes. I did my research on eatwild.com and found a farm on Whidbey Island. My in-laws have a summer house out there and we were going to ring in the new year there. I happened to find 3 Sisters Beef which was on our way to Deception Pass and so we stopped on the way. I bought 3 meals worth of meat and talked with one of the 3 Sisters. We’re preparing a large order from them here soon. I’m also planning on spending a few weekends this summer volunteering on one. I’m growing more and more interested in learning how to propagate my own food.

Q: Are you trying to eliminate EVERYTHING from your diet? Even sweets?

A: I’m trying to eliminate the need to ever step foot in another grocery store. To be healthy, I don’t have to DEPRIVE myself of anything but the fake toxins Big Food slips us in what we buy from them on a daily basis. You know, the stuff our bodies don’t know what to do with and thus leads to chronic illness (including depression, which I suffer from) and cancer? Yeah, I’m trying to eliminate that stuff. I made an all natural and organic white chocolate fruit tart the other day. No fake ingredients (even managed to steer clear of the soy lecithin which is hard to do if chocolate is on the menu). It was delicious.  So no, not eliminating sweets. Just changing their source.

Q: What sorts of questions do you ask your butcher?

A: Well I always ask the name of the farm they got the meat from. I’ve been looking them up and finding out information about them. Also, I ask if the meat has been PASTURED. So for my chicken I don’t ask if it was free-range (which could mean a 1×1 patch of grass and that’s not what I think free-range means. Again, the good ol’ USDA/Big Food collabo), I ask if it was on a PASTURE (enjoying the grass and sunshine as it helped itself to its own food). For pork, I ask if they have nitrates and nitrites which your body does not like. For beef, I ask if it’s grass-FINISHED. I’m not eating grain-finished beef. Those days for me are over.

Q:  Do you feel any better now that you’ve changed your diet?

A: Tremendously better. I’ll explain more in the benefits post.

Q: Are you breaking your bank doing all this?

A: Not at all. But cost analysis is coming soon! Stay tuned!

I didn’t expect this many people to be interested in my blog and lifestyle transition. So I want to take this moment to let you all know that I appreciate you reading. I LOVE FEEDBACK so please don’t hesitate to post comments or questions or correct any mistakes or research. I want to educate the masses. The more contributing intellects the better!